Sugar Addiction Recovery: Memorize Affirming Scripts

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #22

This chapter, chapter fifteen “The Demon in the Chips Poster,” is where I get stuck.  With my sugar addiction, I can keep pretty good control of my sugar intake at home.  I just don’t keep my weak leaks, like ice cream, in our home.  For the most part, I am at a point that I can have some sugar from time to time and not binge into the downward spiral.  The weak link I am becoming very aware of this week again, is in the ares of “no one will know,” or “this little bit won’t hurt my plans.”

As I posted on Facebook yesterday, do you feel a struggle when you are in the check out line at the store?  Surrounded by chocolate candies, cookies, and who knows what, are you able to resist that quick snack?  Do you rationalize, “This one will not hurt me. I’ve been doing good this week.”?  I do.  I did.  In the midst of trying to keep my son sitting in a store cart, I started bribing him.  If he stayed sitting in the cart and was good during the shopping trip, he would get a snack.  The snacks for him are M&M’s, the plastic tubs of various types of cookie options, or a donut.  Yeah, I know.  Not the best options, especially for mom that is a health coach.  Ugh!  I haven’t yet decided to flip the switch and fight the battle of this snack routine.  I rationalize that my kids do eat healthy over all.  A snack once a week at the grocery store is not going to hurt them.  I seriously don’t think it will.  However, as I get them their snack, I rationalize.  I give in.  I get a snack for me too.  The difference is I don’t have their metabolism.  Those snacks are hurting my progress.  It is horrible?  Probably not.  Would it be better if I chose to not cheat?  Definitely.  I’d rather have those splurges on home cooked special treats.  We won’t even get into the fact of the ingredients of these snacks beyond the sugar.  It’s a faulty area of my life.  If you see me in a check out line, now you know.  I bribe my kids and treat myself.  It will change.  Some day.

So, back to “Made to Crave,” how do we overcomes these moments of rationalizing?  We use go-to scripts we memorize and engrave in our minds.  Here is a link to the healthy eating “go-to” scripts.  Print them out.  Memorize them.  Write them on your heart.

Where is your weak link to rationalize?  In a checkout line, late at night when everyone else is sleeping, when out to eat, etc?

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