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Hello, my name is Michelle Brumgard.  Self-Sufficient Health empowers women to become self-sufficient by implementing health promoting habits that work for them.  It is about taking charge of your future.  I’m on a journey of seeking optimal health and living a self-sufficient life. Since January 2009, I have been self-educating on various natural health and living topics.  This journey lead me to become a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2013.  I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I can help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.  I don’t believe there is one single optimal diet and/or lifestyle for everyone.  However, I believe we can all benefit by first focusing on eating whole, real food made by God versus man. I do believe that my heavenly father ultimately knows the numbers of days I have here on Earth and the life I will live.  It is with his all-sufficient grace that I am given each new day and success with the care I give to my body.  I also believe my body is the temple of the holy spirit.  It is my duty to treat it with the up most care. As a wife, homemaker, and homeschooling mother of two young children, part of my journey has and continues to be figuring out how to reach optimal health with the resources I have available to me.  Seeking to become more self-sufficient, living on a budget, finding time and energy to do “fill in the blank,” is all part of the journey. Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching. Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Then let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today. Don’t miss an update.  Subscribe to receive posts in your inbox or your RSS feed.

Grace above Guilt. Progress over Perfection. Seek God with all your heart. Love yourself. Move. Eat Real food. Seek Self-Sufficient Health… by God’s Grace and YOUR Empowerment. This is YOUR journey… I am your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Michelle Brumgard. Welcome to Self-Sufficient Health!!

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