Sugar Addiction Recovery: Add In Movement

Sugar Addiction Recovery: Add In Movement
Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #30

We have learned our go-to scripts to seek God versus fulfilling our unhealthy cravings.  Our habit of meeting with God at the same time and place each day, is in tact or being established.  We are seeking spiritual fulfillment through this quiet time with Christ and through the Holy Spirit.  Secondly, we have created our list of vegetables we love, can tolerate, hate, and never have tried.  You did do your list, right?  If not, please go back and let me know your list.  Or, leave me a comment on Facebook.  I really want to know the vegetables on your list to spark some ideas of vegetables people love, tolerate, hate, and never have tried.  I want to venture into helping you get your 5-7 servings of vegetables daily.

The other habit, that I myself have just recently started to successfully establish, is working out.  For some, this movement (I like the concept of movement for beginners versus the curse word exercise.) can simply be getting out and walking.  Enjoy the beautiful sky and outdoors.  Or, doing a gentle workout DVD.  If you enjoy walking and the weather is sub-par, I am a big fan of Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home workouts.  I have used them in the past and they can be very gentle for the beginner.  Most recently, I have been completing the old Beachbody Power 90 series.  It has thirty minute workouts for the first month, rotating cardio and weights every other days.  In the month of September, I did the workout 3-4 times a week.  Then in October, I officially started my ninety days.  I am in my fifth week and am adding in one cardio 3-4 level workout and one sculpt (weights) 3-4 workout a week.  It is gentle and rewarding for this girl who curses the word exercise.  Yet, it is true, the more you move your body and work it, the less you tend to crave the unhealthy.  So, what little step can you take to add in movement daily?  Will you walk thirty minutes a day?  Will you start a DVD series?  Will you join a gym class?  Share below how you will start establishing this third habit for your sugar addiction and/or unhealthy eating patterns?

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