Sugar Addiction Recovery: Do You Need a Sugar Detox?

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #6

As I mentioned on Saturday, it was my birthday.  I had a pumpkin cookie and today, I had some brownies.  Will you forgive me, if you think this is wrong during a 31 day series on sugar addiction?  In having this sugar and looking ahead through this week, I have decided I will be doing a full 10 day sugar detox starting next Monday, October 13th.  In the past, I have completed a few different detoxes with different purposes.  Each of them, essentially, removed sugar in the process.  However, I have personally found, I thoroughly like Dr. Mark Hyman’s detox outlines.  Through my schooling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and personal experience, I think his detoxes are most fitting for someone of the standard American diet (SAD).  It will feel extreme to many in eliminating sugar of all sorts, gluten, and dairy.  However, I feel it is a good idea to complete a good detox with the change of the seasons, especially in the Spring and Fall.  I have not done one yet this Fall.

Why do a sugar detox?  My initial thought to this question is with love but a tad of sarcasm.  Would you ween an alcoholic off alcohol or would you take all alcohol away from them?  What do we do as a society, if the financial means are available, with someone struggling with a heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, etc?  We help them go through a detox and/or rehab.  If sugar has been proven to be ten times more addictive than cocaine, why wouldn’t we do a detox?

Thankfully, sugar’s side effects are not as emanate to the body and it is the legal drug of choice to most Americans.  Otherwise, I would surely be in trouble.  I can have a setback with my addiction and not be shunned like many other addicts.  Which by the way, why is that so taboo?  Why is drug addiction not seen like any other disease?  Anyhow….

My addiction is better maintained and controlled through regular detoxes.  With each detox, I feel I have a better redirection to where I want to be with my health.  With each detox, my body sheds more toxins.  It just feels good too!

Will you consider joining me?  What do you have to lose by saying no to sugar for 10 days?

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