Sugar Addiction Recovery: Do not give up!

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #16

Do you ever feel yourself saying “It’s not fair!” in relation to your sugar addiction?  Lysa titles chapter ten, “It’s not Fair!”.  She shares all the different scenerios we can think of others that are skinny and/or do not crave sweets and just don’t have this struggle.  Do you have a friend or family member that can eat all the junk they want and still maintain fit and slim?  Think about that family member and/or friend and do you know something else they struggle with daily?  They DO have their struggles!

As a health coach, I have to tell you skinny does not always mean healthy.  Studies are now showing 1 in 4 “skinny” people are pre-diabetic and “metabolically obese.”  Four out of ten “normal” weight kids are pre-diabetic too!  The link shares the insight of Dr. Mark Hyman on “skinny fat” people and how a sugar solution can help them too!  Sugar addiction recovery is needed for all sizes.  Anyone who is consuming high amounts of sugar can be at risk.  Too much of anything can be bad, right?

Back to the “it’s not fair,” let us refocus our attention on those moments.  When we catch ourselves having a pity party, are we using our own strength or God’s strength?  We are probably not seeking God and his strength.  Keep seeking him in the moments when temptation hits.  You can also seek nutritional reasons you may continue to crave sweets.  Are you eating enough protein, or fiber in your day?  You can also add in more sweet vegetables, as I mentioned before.  Just don’t give up!

Lastly, as Lysa references as well, remember James 1:3-4, “testing of (our) faith develops perseverance (which) must finish its work so that (we) may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

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