Sugar Addiction Recovery: Get Moving!

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #15

One very effective way to help stabilize your blood sugar, decrease tension, and get your mind off your sugar addiction is by moving.  Exercise used to be a curse word to me.  See, I grew up on a dairy farm.  Exercise was never something I thought about too much as a child.  Through work on the farm, I stayed pretty fit.  Once I left the work of the farm, my body quickly lost its muscle tone and shape.  It has been a battle to get moving regularly on and off for the last ten years.  I’ve had spurts of walking or attempts at running.  For a season, I took a kickboxing class that I thoroughly enjoyed, but then life and schedules changed.  Anyhow, you all know you should exercise, right?

I like how Lysa mentions in Chapter 9 of “Made to Crave,” that once she made exercise about being obedient to Christ, it became easier.  Sugar addiction and exercise kind of go hand in hand for me.  When I exercise, I am more self-controlled with my sugar intake.  When I am conscious of my sugar intake, I am more likely to THINK about exercising.  Notice, I said “Thank about.”  When you shift your mindset to honoring the temple of Christ by caring for you body, it doesn’t necessarily get easier, but I feel God gives you the will.

For the last six weeks, I have been doing Beachbody’s retired Power 90 Sweat and Sculpt Circuit 1-2 workouts.  It feels so good to find a gentle workout, that includes kickboxing that I love, and I now look forward to doing each day.  During the month of September, I handed this battle over to Christ.  I begged and pleaded (still do) for God to instill a desire to exercise into my soul and my day.  Today, I continue to pray for the desire to stay FOREVER.  May this be the turning point of change.  Monday, September 29th, I began the Power 90 series six day plan.  Starting next week, I will start working in the next intensity level.  It feels so good to look forward to bumping up the intensity.  Who would’ve thought?  I know my husband was caught off guard when I awoke at 5 am to workout before a family day last Friday.  As a person who loves my sleep and used to hate exercising, it would be a surprise to him. Praise to God for the continued motivation and desire HE has given me!

Will you join me in just starting to explore what you enjoy?  Walking is the best and easiest way to get started.  Used to play a sport you loved?  What if you started slowly back into the training you once did for that sport?  Then, just maybe, you could look into joining an adult team?  What will you do to start incorporating movement to help stabilize your blood sugar and fight your sugar addiction?

-The more I made exercise about

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