Sugar Addiction Recovery: Emotional Eating

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #21

Sugar addiction, gluttony, and now emotional eating; it can all be intertwined.  We need to find the cause of our emotional eating.  Sometimes the emotion we are feeling is very clear.  Is the underlying cause of this emotion clear though?  Do you know why you are feeling sad, lonely, angry, etc.?  My suggestion is to start praying for God to bring clarity in these moments.  Also, consider starting to keep a journal.  The act of journaling, without inhibition, can bring out thoughts that bring clarity.  Are you someone that journals?  If not, who can you talk to about how you are feeling?

Before moving on, Lysa shares something in chapter fourteen, I need to discuss.  She opens the chapter and ends the chapter with the calories in must be less than the calories burned.  This will cause weight loss for many people.  However, it does not guarantee health.  Well, nothing guarantees health.  I just highly recommend you focus on eating whole, real food before worrying yourself with counting calories.  If you compare 100 calories in a candy bar to 100 calories of a vegetable, you will surely gain more benefit from the vegetable.  You will also get to eat more, including all the fiber and nutrients that will come with it.  Get my drift?  Focus on healthy foods versus counting calories. Focus on finding the underlying causes of your emotions.

What one step will you take in doing these two things today?

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