Sugar Addiction Recovery: Choices

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #24

“You are who you are, by the choices you make.”  Have you heard that saying before?  What do you think about it?  How do you think it can relate to your and my sugar addiction recovery?  Lysa Terkeurst talks about choices we make in chapter seventeen of “Made to Crave.”  Do you have sustainable discipline?  I agree with her.  Yes and no.  No, we don’t have sustainable discipline to our weakest areas and strongest desires.  Yes, we can by seeking the power of Jesus Christ himself.

Sustainable discipline is how we are going to find victory.  The very next choice we make will start to define the path we are going to take.  How many times have you “dieted” and reached you goal weight?  How many times did you reach that goal weight and think you could sustain it be going back to your previous eating habits?  This is a lifestyle change.  You and I can have a sweet treat, if we feel confident, it will not define our next choice.  Or, the choice to have something sweet will not sabotage our progress in other self-destructive ways.  Remember to ask yourself, “How will I feel about this choice tomorrow morning?”

I don’t believe sugar is completely evil.  Remember when the experts thought fat was evil?  Well, some experts still believe in the low fat diet.  However, it is beginning to be shown how our brains need fat consumption.  Fat also gives us sustainable energy.  So, is sugar completely evil?  I don’t think so.  Especially when I think of sugar in natural forms through fruits, honey, molasses, and maple syrup.  Should we consumer copious amounts?  I don’t believe it is a good idea.  For myself, I find I can sustain low consumption of sugar by having a sweet treat from time to time.  To go without any sugar consumption of any sort for an extended period is not something I am interested in doing right now.  However, I do believe it is necessary for some individuals depending on their state of addiction or goals in a detox type situation.  But, consider your choices today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.  “You are who you are, by the choices you make.”  This can be taken literally, considering your body is completely rebuilt by every single cell within a year.  Some cells and body parts are replaced quickly and others more slowly, like the cells that compromise your bones.  So, consider your food choices and what building blocks you want designing your body for the days, months, and year ahead.

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