Sugar Addiction Recovery: You are an Overcomer!

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #26

We end “Made to Crave” today with the final chapter, “Live as an Overcomer.”  This is the biggest goal I have for every client of mine.  Whether my client is trying to lose weight, gain weight, end the cycle of emotional eating, or whatever, I want them to live as an overcomer.  I want YOU to live as an overcomer!  It is a very powerful and satisfying moment when you start to make choices that you are very mindful of the outcomes.  For example, victory can be found in being surrounded by many delicious food option, eating your healthy portion, and walking away.  Victory can be found in not letting food be the focal point of a social event, like a birthday party.  I, too, love the verse Lysa references in this last chapter:

“To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life; which is in paradise of God.” (Revelation 2:7, empasis added)

Oh what a glorious day!  Oh what a glorious verse full of hope, inspiration, and giddy smiles!  This verse tells us we can overcome!  It also tell use we have a reward waiting for us by overcoming.  Best of all, it tells us we will EAT in paradise; in heaven.  If nothing else, let this be our inspiration and motivation to forge ahead in finding our personal victories with sugar addiction, or whatever else it may be in our lives.

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