Sugar Addiction Recovery: Gains and Losses

Sugar Addiction Recovery

Day #25

Today is the 25th post of this series.  How are you doing?  Have you decided to completely give up sugar?  Give up all added sugar and allow natural sugars?  Give up all sugar except at events?  What step did you decide to take?  After a week into this series, I shared about doing a sugar detox.  I successfully completed an entire week without any sugar except that from an apple a day.  I don’t recall if I really had an apple every single day that week, but I do know I had apples for a sweet treat.  Since then, I have been mindful of my sugar consumption.  I have had sugar.

Last week, I spent an afternoon with my grandmother and daughter.  My grandmother taught us how she makes pie crusts in bulk to freeze.  She taught us how to make her chocolate pie filling and fluffy high meringues.  Ahhh…the guilty pleasure.  Mind you, I never really experienced this pie before last week.  She used to make pies weekly when my grandparents had dairy cows.  Seeing that they sold their cows in 1985, when I was three, I don’t have memories of her very special chocolate pie.  I remember tasting one piece probably roughly ten years ago, when my oldest brother begged and pleaded for her to make a chocolate pie.  He recalls coming into her house on Saturday mornings from the barn, as a child, and enjoying the home baked goodness.  So, yes, I had LOTS of sugar on that day last week.  You know what I had on that day, though, that far outweighed the cost I sacrificed in my sugar addiction recovery?  I made memories of watching my grandmother teach my almost eight year old daughter how to pinch the sides of pie crust, how to perfectly mix the sugar into the egg whites for meringue, and how to enjoy the leftover chocolate pie filling while it is still warm.  Precious memories.  It saddens me that some of our most precious memories revolve around food instead of activities.  This is something I am trying to change but also not willing to completely sacrifice.  Anyhow . . .

Lysa shares about how we have gains and losses in this journey.  Once she reached her goal weight in chapter eighteen, she had some big weight losses.  She also had some food losses.  There are some foods I rarely eat anymore from my healthy eating journey.  Then, there are some I can have on a limited, mindful basis.  You know what we gain in this journey though?  The power of “I can . . .”  I can choose to eat healthy for optimal energy.  I can now enjoy playing with my children.  I can give God the glory.  I can . . . We gain more than what we lose.  In this process, we also learn the need to repent.

Dear God, I am on this journey of eating healthy.  I know I have found my joy, hope, sadness, and happiness in food.  Please forgive me for not seeking you first in these moments?  Please forgive me for not honoring this body you gave me with the best choices?  Help me to continue to gain and not miss the losses.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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